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***Please let us know if your flowers are painted!  Resin reacts differently with some painted flowers, bleeding can occur! $300 Order Minimum



Terms & Conditions

By purchasing products from Little Lo Floral I am commissioning a handmade custom piece of artwork. All quoted turnaround times are only estimates.

I understand that the use of organic material, i.e. flowers and plants, can cause minor imperfections. Through the dryout process colors can shift( i.e. reds will darken and whites will yellow). Flowers saturated in resin can display hidden bruising. Painted flowers can crack and chip due to contraction of the flowers drying out. Succulents cannot be used and any substitutions will have to be provided to Little Lo Floral.

These item(s) are custom pieces of artwork
and non refundable.

By purchasing my item
I agree to these terms.